Nara was once the largest and mightiest empire Reyn had ever seen. Dating back to the years when the Devas purportedly roamed the earth, Nara has stood as a bastion of civilization throughout the centuries. In the nation’s latter days, it has conceded ground and shrunk in size, but until recently, it was still the most expansive country on the map. Now, however, the emperor has died without appointing an heir, and the country has split into three warring factions.


Government: In the old days, Nara was ruled by an emperor who would appoint a “son” to rule when he grew old. The “son” was an adopted heir selected by the emperor from the nobles. However, the most recent emperor chose his successor from the “common” caste, the portion of the population that is perpetually suspended in poverty. When this was announced, there was outrage among the ruling caste and an outright war erupted. Although Nara is still officially one country, it has split into a number of hostile factions, each staking out their own area of land and ready to declare independence.



Strengths and Traditions:



40 YD: The city of Narasimhon is founded and the empire of Nara comes into being.



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